Mauro Icardi's stunning wife Wanda shares bikini picture that Instagram deleted and fumes 'are we in 2021 or 1810?'

WANDA NARA has vented her fury on social media after Instagram removed her latest saucy snap for violating community rules.

The stunning wife of Paris Saint-Germain striker Mauro Icardi has been left fuming after users reported a photo of her showing off her body.

Nara, 34, is no stranger to flaunting off her physique to her 7.7 million followers as she sent supporters into a frenzy over a topless picture in March.

She even disclosed her seven top beauty secrets to her fans while wearing see-through lingerie in a post that has been liked almost 500,000 times.

But some people have taken offence to her latest upload, which showed her in a t-shirt and a bikini.

Argentine model Wanda – who acts as her husband's agent – shared the image again, only this time adding a star emoji, as she questioned why her photo had to be censored.

Wanda even remarked that in today's society, women should be able to post what they like without being judged.

She captioned the post: "This photo was censored. The reasons I do not know… who was it?

"The same ones who fight for our rights, freedom and equality? Not mine? And others why yes?

"We are in 2021 or 1810… a bikini with a T-shirt is censorship.


A post shared by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi)

A post shared by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi)

A post shared by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi)

"I still like women with spectacular bodies and many times I congratulate them privately or publicly.

"Envy between women is one of the ugliest things we can do to ourselves… (aggressiveness, comments etc) let's start respecting each other so that they respect us."

Commenting on the post, one of her followers said: "Insecurity hand in hand with envy… the worst virus."

Another messaged: "It will be at the request of your children that they will be ashamed that you show yourself like this!"

A third added: "It's out of sheer envy."

Meanwhile one stated: "We have so much to learn"

A post shared by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi)

A post shared by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi)

A post shared by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi)

A post shared by Wanda nara (@wanda_icardi)

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