Meet maverick Arsenal coach Carlos Cuesta, who has Juventus and Atletico Madrid on his CV, and speaks six languages

IF Mikel Arteta is struggling to get his message across on the training ground, you can bet he will lean on his assistant Carlos Cuesta for help.

The coaching prodigy, 25, speaks a remarkable six languages; English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and Catalan.

Therefore, he is able to communicate with many of Arsenal's stars in their mother tongue.

Cuesta already boasts a rich CV in football having spent time with Juventus and Atletico Madrid.

His tactical nous at London Colney will help shape the Gunners next season, who will be looking to get back to winning ways after a dismal campaign last time out.


Despite his tender years, Cuesta already holds a Uefa Pro Licence.

Astonishingly, he began his coaching badges at the age of 18 and scored a job with Atletico Madrid.

He was later installed as U13 coach for the LaLiga giants, while juggling studies at Porto University.

Cuesta would listen attentively to lecturer Vitor Frade, who was an influence on Jose Mourinho, about Tactical Periodisation.

Rather than focus on the fitness aspects of the game, the training method encourages teams to focus primarily on the systems of play that a team intends to use.

Mourinho, a devout Frade follower, once revealed: "Many clubs do fitness work separately sending players for 45 minutes with a fitness coach, but I don't believe in this.

"I do not believe in practising skills separately. You have to put together all these aspects in a match situation. There are exercises that can improve your physical qualities using the ball."

And Cuesta holds the method in high regard. But the ambitious Spaniard was soon on the move to learn more.


Aged just 22, Cuesta was ready for a new challenge.

After meeting coaches from Juventus at the LaLiga Promises tournament he was invited to share his philosophy with the club's directors.

They were instantly impressed and offered him a permanent role.

Cuesta was the assistant of the U17's and aided now Cremonese Fabio Pecchia's U23 team.

He learned about the Italian game, defensive patterns and styles, that enhanced his knowledge.

Interestingly, Arteta had Cuesta in his sights in 2018.


Before he took on a job at Juve, he enjoyed a study visit to Manchester City to observe Pep Guardiola and his now boss in action.

Enthusiastic Cuesta had initially sent City an analysis report about their attacking play, which prompted the club to invite him to observe training.

He later told a Spanish newspaper that working with Arteta was the highlight of his trip.

"He will be a great coach," Cuesta told El Pais.

"He was able to verify the importance of details in elite training sessions and game analysis."

Last year, shortly after winning the FA Cup, Arteta made sure Cuesta was installed as one of his coaches, along with Miguel Molina and Andreas Georgson.

He will be a great coach. He was able to verify the importance of details in elite training sessions and game analysis."


Cuesta works on a one-on-one basis with the players.

His focus is heavy on technical skills and tactical ideas, while physical loading is kept to the minimum.

The training sessions are filmed and Cuesta does a lot of video analysis with Arsenal's stars individually.

For Cuesta it's about holistically working out a player's identity to find out what they need to thrive, leaning on their physical, mental, technical and tactical capabilities and requirements.

All is a must in player development to help the team achieve success on the pitch.

Gunners fans will be hoping Cuesta's methods will translate to trophies next year.


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