Moment Maguire's father, 56, had his ribs broken in Wembley stampede

The horrific moment Harry Maguire’s father, 56, was trampled in stampede of ticketless fans who broke into Wembley through players’ families’ entrance before Euro 2020 final – leaving him with broken ribs

  • Harry Maguire’s father broke his ribs in a stampede before the Euro 2020 final
  • Alan Maguire, 56, tried to get through Wembley’s players’ families’ entrance
  • Hundreds of ticketless fans were trying to get through the same gate as him
  • Alan and Harry’s agent were involved in the crush before getting to their seats
  • Sportsmail revealed some of the England stars’ families’ had their seats taken
  • It has been reported that 5,000 ticketless fans broke into Wembley for the final 

A horrifying video shows the moment Harry Maguire’s father broke his ribs on the way to his Euro 2020 final seat, after he was caught in a stampede with thousands of ticketless fans trying to get into Wembley.

Alan Maguire, 56, was going to watch his son, 28, play for England in the tournament final against Italy but suffered horrendous injuries while entering the ground via Gate G, which was the entrance for the Three Lions stars’ families. 

In a video uploaded by The Sun, the footballer’s father could be seen in clear agony whilst trying to wrestle through bodies at the entrance.   

Also in the crush of bodies was Maguire’s agent, Kenneth Shepherd, before the pair went through to the area where the players’ families are seated at Wembley. 

Harry confirmed that his father suffered ‘a few injuries’ whilst trying to get into the ground and was relieved that his children or any other younger family members of his accompanied Alan to the game. 

Harry Maguire’s father was caught up in a stampede of ticketless fans at the players’ families’ entrance of Wembley stadium before the Euro 2020 final

The 56-year-old suffered broken ribs during the stampede with Harry’s agent also in the crush 

‘It was not a nice experience – it shook him up,’ the England international told The Sun. ‘But he was fortunate as every game he has been to he has had my nephew or one of my kids on his shoulders. 

‘My dad was in the stampede. I have not spoken with him too much but I am pleased my kids didn’t go to the game. So I’m thankful that did not happen as it could have been a really serious moment.’ 

‘It was scary – he said he was scared and I don’t want anyone to experience that at a football match. He was struggling with his breathing afterwards because of his ribs, but he’s not one to make a big fuss.’

A crush of bodies emerged at Gate G of Wembley stadium – where the players’ families’ enter

Harry Maguire was grateful that his father (right) did not take any younger members of the family to Sunday’s final

Sportsmail revealed that the families of England stars were forced to escape from ticketless yobs who burst into Wembley ahead of Sunday’s final. They were also the victims of attempted ticket thefts at pick-up points and frenzied queues as they tried to enter the stadium via Gate G.

Several family members got into the ground to find their seats were occupied by hooligans who had stormed in without tickets, on a night when the Metropolitan Police made 53 arrests at Wembley. 

The son of Italy manager Roberto Mancini, Andrea, found his seat taken and watched the first half ‘sitting on the stadium’s steps’. 

England stars’ families, including the Maguires (above), found their seats for the final taken by the ticketless supporters

Shameless supporters broke through security to storm Wembley Stadium before the game

Other England stars’ families, some of whom had small children with them, described groups of men loitering by the turnstiles trying to snatch their tickets as they approached the entrance.

And at least one member of a player’s party is believed to have been verbally abused after asking a person to move from their allocated seat. 

Meanwhile, Formula One driver Lando Norris was ‘left shaken’ after he was mugged for his £40,000 watch after the final.  

Following the incident, a McLaren team spokesman said the 21-year-old was ‘understandably shaken’. 

It is claimed that 5,000 ticketless yobs stormed into Wembley for Sunday’s final against Italy

One report claims UEFA have estimated over 5,000 ticketless fans managed to find their way into Wembley for Sunday’s Euro 2020 final. However, that number could easily increase once a full investigation is completed.

Police made 86 arrests on Sunday, including the 53 made at Wembley, for a number of offences including public order offences, ABH, drunk and disorderly and criminal damage. A total of 19 officers received injuries.  

The FA were charged by UEFA this week for the invasion of the field of play by supporters; throwing of objects by supporters; disturbance caused by supporters during the national anthem; and lighting of a firework by supporters.

The charges come three days after the FA was fined £25,630 for crowd problems, including the shining of a laser pointer at Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel during England’s semi-final win, also at Wembley. 

Sunday’s events were damaging to the UK and Ireland’s chances of hosting the 2030 World Cup, a plan first revealed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the beginning of March. 

However, UEFA confirmed on Friday that Wembley will still host the 2024 Champions League final despite the trouble at the Euro 2020 final. 

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