Nate Diaz blasts ‘spoiled’ Conor McGregor and says Notorious was handed everything in UFC – The Sun

CONOR MCGREGOR is “spoiled” and has been handed everything in UFC, claims his rival Nate Diaz.

The stars had two epic battles inside the octagon back in 2016, each winning one apiece with many MMA fans desperate to see a trilogy fight.

McGregor, 31, then went on to be given a lightweight title shot that he emerged triumphant in to become the first-ever two-weight world champ.

Notorious would also land a mega-money boxing fight against Floyd Mayweather before returning to the cage with another title shot against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

However Diaz, who has not fought since his majority decision loss to McGregor on in Las Vegas in August 2016, says he was only offered lower-ranked opponents, which he believes shows Dana White and UFC hand everything to the Irishman.

The 34-year-old, who makes his long-awaited comeback at UFC 241 this Saturday to face Anthony Pettis, told ESPN: “What am I reaching for now? That’s what I’m saying. I hit the top and then they’re asking me to do this downgraded s***.

“I’m like, okay I see what’s happening here, downgrading me. Degrading my whole… No-one’s seeing that and they’re making it look like I’m complaining. I never called. I never called you guys. You guys called me. ‘Hey, what’s up? We know we’re f***ing rude f***s and we weeded you away and we made you disappear with the Mayweather-McGregor.

“And Eddie Alvarez, that was a good matchup, that was an easy win for him. He just was put in all the right places. I’m not even f***ing hating on that, that’s cool as hell. It’s cool he’s doing what he did and whatever. But you’re a spoiled little b***h though because they handed you all that. You didn’t do s***.”

Diaz’s blast did not stop there as he continued to let rip.

The southpaw, from Stockton, California, added: “If you came from where I came from, from the beginning, you wouldn’t have even made it into the fight.

“The first one. I’m like, throw me some f***ing love out here from time to time. It’s not only love, but it’s just like, ooh look, title fight with Eddie. Eddie’s easy. I beat (McGregor) in between when he knocked out (Jose) Aldo, I f****d him up, beat him again but lost, then he fights for a title. Then he fights Mayweather.

“And then they’re like, ‘F***ing, this guy’s turning down fights.’ Is that not a kick in the ass? Hold up. I don’t need to be a part of none of that. But can I get a compliment?”

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