Odell Beckham under fire for suspect onside kick effort

Odell Beckham Jr. can exhale.

On a day in which he threw a thrilling 49-yard touchdown, it was another Beckham play that viewers were analyzing as the Giants and Bears headed to overtime Sunday.

With 1:13 remaining and the Giants up 27-20, the Bears kicked an onside kick that went the requisite 10 yards, then bounded unclaimed for a few pulsating moments. It appeared Beckham might have a chance at falling on it, but he hesitated. Instead, Chicago tight end Daniel Brown plopped on top of it and the Bears had hope — and soon a touchdown, scored on a Philly special from the 1-yard line as time expired. The game headed to overtime at 27-27.

Fortunately for Beckham and the Giants, they did escape, 30-27, rendering the questionable onside kick effort a mere footnote.

Apart from the throw, Beckham was mostly restrained by the Bears defense, catching three passes for 35 yards.

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