Paris Fury hits back at claims she is with Tyson for his money and claims boxing star is her 'nightmare AND dream man'

PARIS FURY opened up about her relationship with childhood sweetheart Tyson and how people assume 'she's here for the money'.

The mother-of-six documents meeting Tyson as a teenager in her tell-all book 'Love and Fury' which is to come out on October 28.

Already a top seller with pre-orders on Amazon, Paris spoke about the release on talkSPORT.

And asked about describing Tyson as her 'nightmare AND dream man', she responded: "That is 100 per cent.

"Because there are times when we're on the peak of the mountain and everything's great and even just being at home and going to the movies – and I know it sounds like so corny – but we're like best friends and we really love each other. 

"And then you get like the manic, mayhem and the hard sides of Tyson – going away for six weeks and being gone. 

"And then also, all the things we've been through, we've been together through six kids, that's what people don't know. 

"People that are fans of us know that, but a lot of people look and think, 'She's here for the money' – they don't realise we've been together from like 15, 16. 

"And basically it's been a whirlwind of our life, everything in there, I didn't hold anything back in the book, I just told the full story as I will never get time to do it again." 

Paris has stood by husband Tyson throughout his boxing career, which has seen him become heavyweight champion twice.

But in between the two reigns, the unbeaten boxer had almost three years out of the ring after a fight with depression and substance abuse.

Paris stuck by her man through thick and thin, and was provided contrasting emotions, all to be revealed in her book.

She said: "Basically, a very crazy, hectic story that's my life. 

"So many people wrote things about me in the past and this time I just wanted to get my story out and the truth on the page. 

"It's basically a mad, family story about my life, first meeting Tyson, then growing up, having children, being a mother, being someone who's obviously supported someone in the limelight for so long. 

A lot of people look and think, 'She's here for the money' – they don't realise we've been together from like 15, 16. 

"Also, we've got Tyson with his mental health issues, I've supported that, so my books speaks to numerous people. 

"I've had so many people ask me for advice over the years and I'm hoping this is my answers to anyone that's come up to me and asked, 'How did you do that?'  Or, 'How did you do this?'" 

Since Tyson, 33, beat Deontay Wilder, 36, in February 2020 to once again become champ, it has been life in the fast lane for the Furys.

The trilogy bout was delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, and was pushed back three months after Tyson tested positive for Covid-19 himself.

After the illness, the Gypsy King and Paris spent faced a terrible scare after their baby Athena was rushed straight to ICU after her birth on August 8.

Little Athena was later discharged and taken home, and a less than two months later her dad won a thrilling fight against Wilder.


Throughout the chaos, Paris managed to write and finish her book, despite spending the rest of the time looking after her kids at home.

She said: "I don't know, I squeezed it in. Everything in my life is one mad juggle.

"As every parent out there knows what it's like to have like the kids screaming and you have your work to do in the corner. 

"And I just managed it, and I don't know how. I shook my head the other day and thought, 'Oh my goodness, I don't know how I've survived the last 12 months. 

"We've had so many things; Tyson had his fights postponed, he spent so much time in America. We've been over back and forth across the pond. 

"I've had the book tour, I've been writing and finishing it, and everything's been manic. 

"Then obviously Tyson just won his big fight, I've been in Vegas, flew back, and now we're back at home with the six kids." 

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