Punter goes wild in the pub after winning £13k on Tyson Fury's draw with Deontay Wilder

Professional boxer Ted Cheeseman uploaded footage of the moment his friend won £13,000 on a £500 bet at odds of 25/1.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Cheeseman and his friends were holed up in a pub watching the action play out in Los Angeles.

As those in the Staples Center, and around the world waited for the result to be read out, the punter held out his phone with the bet on the screen.

After a quick swig of lager the man moves closer to the screen to hear the scores.

Despite most believing Fury had done enough to win the fight and the WBC belt the judges scored it a draw.

The judges ruled the contest a draw, after harsh scores of 115-111, 112-114 and 113-113, despite the Gypsy King impressively out-boxing the defending champion.

But the result was just what this man wanted.

He raised his hands into the air when the result was announced, as his mates leapt up to congratulate him.

After the controversial draw, Fury, who labelled the decision "the biggest robbery in boxing" revealed just what the referee said to him when he was floored in the 12th round.

The Gypsy King somehow dragged himself off the canvas after being knocked down for the second time by champ Wilder in the stunning final round of their fight in LA.

Fury revealed what ref Jack Reiss said to him to make sure he was able to fight on until the end of the round.

In an exchange with fans, Fury said: “However I got back up, I really don't know.I was sound. I was asleep on the floor. I was like that.

"I was like this on me back. Like that.

"I opened me eyes, I jumped up, but he said to me 'If you get knocked down, I won't stop the fight.'

"He said, 'I'll tell you to go to the left, and go to the right. And if you can do that, and look at me, you're telling me you're alright.'


FRANK WARREN is ready to sit down with rival promoter Eddie Hearn and agree a deal for Tyson Fury to fight Anthony Joshua.

While a rematch for Fury against Deontay Wilder after the controversial draw seems a more likely option, Warren seems desperate to sort a "Battle of Britain" blockbuster.

Both he, Fury and Joshua all spoke about a potential heavyweight clash for the future, but Warren isn't so sure AJ's promoter Hearn wants it.

Speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast on talkSPORT, Warren said: "If you did a poll now with the fans for Anthony Joshua’s next fight… what do you think would be top of the pops there?”.

"I'm quite sure [they want] to see the top Brit fighting the top Brit.

"And there's all this negotiations now about who gets what percentage – it's really simple this fight – it's 50/50 down the middle.

"What? Tyson Fury doesn’t bring anything to the party? Do you not think if he fought Deontay Wilder over here, 80,000 people wouldn’t turn up to see the rematch? Course they would.”

"He said 'You alright?' I said 'Yes.'

"He said 'Go the left.' I went to the left. He said 'Go to the right.' I went to the right.

"Well, he said 'If you ain't capable, most experienced referees in America will stop the fight. But if you can continue..’”

After seeing out the final round, Fury was adamant he had become world champion for the second time in three years.

But his dream was shattered as the fight was called a draw due to some controversial scoring from Mexican judge Alejandro Rochin who scored the fight 115-111 in favour of Wilder.

Talks are already underway for a rematch with promoter Frank Warren keen to stage the second scrap in the UK, however holding the fight again the US looks the more likely option.

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