Tyson Fury didn’t get up off the canvas until the very last second because he feared his legs would buckle

Fury, 30, looked to have secured another famous world championship win on away soil as he outboxed Wilder for much of their WBC heavyweight title fight last weekend.

However, in the final round Wilder, 33, sent Fury crashing down to the canvas with a clubbing left-hook with just two minutes remaining.

Astonishingly Fury would beat referee Jack Reiss’ count as he rose to his feet by the count of nine – and went on to finish the round on top.

But Warren claimed on the BBC Costello and Bunce podcast that Fury could have got to his feet quicker – but he believed his legs would have betrayed him leaving the ref to stop the fight.

Warren said: “He showed what he was made of, even the knockdown, I thought it was all over in that twelfth round.

“Afterwards we spoke about it and he said the reason he didn’t get up so quickly – he said he couldn't quite feel his legs.

“He didn’t want to get up and stand on wobbly legs and the referee stops it.

“The referee made it quite clear before the fight, he went to both fighters dressing rooms and said after the count of ten – and he got up at nine – after the fighters get up they will be told to walk three paces to their right and left, and back again.

“Both of them had their instructions and that’s what Tyson did – he had the presence of mind to do that.”

Despite Fury’s amazing recovery and excellent performance before that, his efforts were only enough to see him receive a split decision draw.

The American referee Reiss told SiriusXM Boxing that he had always been told to count a fighter out in a championship bout – and refuted claims he had stalled the ten count.

Reiss said: "The fight was so close, the magnitude of the fight – you know, a heavyweight championship fight.

“I've always been taught to count a champion out and I wanted to give him every opportunity.

"I took my time – not that I stalled the count like these knuckleheads are saying, just patient – and I went down to make sure what I was doing was correct, because I want to do what's best for boxing.”

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