Watch Amazon Prime presenter Catherine Whitaker's embarrassing fall during ATP Finals – but she sees funny side

AMAZON PRIME'S Catherine Whitaker took a nasty fall during the ATP Finals – but certainly saw the funny side.

The presenter was going through a rehearsal on semi-finals day at The O2 Arena in London – the penultimate day of action before the tournament moves to Turin next year.

She said: "Hello and welcome to The O2 Arena where over the last 12 years we have witnessed some truly memorable tennis moments.

"Well today we’ll see the world’s best, the top f-" before things took a shock – and somewhat embarrassing – twist.

Whitaker suddenly collapsed out of view after seemingly losing her footing as TV crew staff – identified as Tim the floor manager – rushed to make sure she was unhurt.

She added off camera: "I'm fine, I've tried to walk in heels, Kate, is what I've done."

Thankfully there was no serious damage done for the Prime Video host, who needed an emergency trip to the dentist after managing to chip a tooth just days before the ATP Finals got underway.

Speaking on The Tennis Podcast, which she presents with David Law and Matt Roberts, Whitaker said: "I'm absolutely fine.

"I fell over David, very clearly I fell over! I was presented with footage almost immediately on multiple screens."

Whitaker clearly did not mind sharing the video on her Twitter account, jokingly captioning the video which has been viewed 170,000 times: "My big chance to become a meme.

"Yes I'm ok by way. And no we weren't live."

She added on the podcast: "It's staggering how little I was harmed in the making of the video – I really wasn't hurt at all.

"I was obviously desperately humiliated. I don't even know what happened. I was attempting to stand up in high heels and it went very badly.

"If someone asked me why I were to ever go viral, it might be for some profound things I said about feminism or women working in sport but first… falling over.

"If you'd asked my mum, she would have said falling over.

"Tim was there in a flash and the only person who managed to suppress his laughter, briefly, until he knew I was okay.

"I feel like if you can't laugh at someone falling over (provided they don't get hurt) then what's the point in anything?"

Whitaker recomposed herself to present Amazon's coverage on Saturday as Dominic Thiem edged past Novak Djokovic before Daniil Medvedev batted back to beat Rafael Nadal to set up the season-ending finale.

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