What happened when the ‘female Trevor Lawrence’ invaded Jacksonville

Will the real Trevor Lawrence please stand up?

It turns out, the first overall pick to the Jaguars in the 2021 NFL Draft has a look-alike running around Jacksonville — and some fans actually believe Georgia native Bella Martina is the real quarterback.

Martina has similar facial features to the 21-year-old Lawrence and side profiles. Although the 6-foot-6 athlete has a few inches on his doppelgänger, it’s the near-identical blond locks that have Jacksonville fans doing a double-take.

Teaming up with Bleacher Report, the outlet filmed Martina strolling about Jacksonville pretending to be Lawrence in the social media experiment, “Operation Fake Trevor Lawrence.” The mission: How many fans could be fooled.

Upon arriving in Jacksonville, Martina — who sported sunglasses, a Jaguars T-shirt, and a matching face mask — turned heads at the airport.

When she was greeted by her driver with a sign that read, “Go Jags!! Welcome Trevor Lawrence,” nearby fans pulled out their phones to capture the moment.

While one fan even congratulated Martina about the draft, some Jaguars supporters snapped photos with the social media star, clearly thinking she was Lawrence.


This isn’t Martina’s first spin in Lawrence’s shoes. In 2019, she went viral on TikTok for the very same reason, and she’s been having a blast with it ever since.

Lawrence, for his part, has not responded to buzz about his fan-dubbed double.

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