What is the Spotter Scope in ‘Warzone’? Explaining the enemy marking equipment released in update

The latest “Warzone” update in “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” carries a new piece of tactical equipment made for squad competitions.

The Spotter Scope is essentially a pair of binoculars players can pick up around the map that can mark enemies for an entire team for a brief period of time.

While the jury remains out on whether it has practical use over other pieces of equipment, there are certain advantages it provides that other intel-gathering tools do not.

Here are some answers to common questions regarding the 1.23 update, released this week on all consoles.

What is the Spotter Scope in ‘Warzone’?

The Spotter Scope is a piece of equipment that provides long-range zoom and an ability to tag enemies in the minimap for squadmates to see. It takes up the equipment slot, but unlike most other pieces of equipment, it has unlimited use.

How do you use the Spotter Scope?

Like the Heartbeat Sensor equipment, just press the tactical equipment button to look down the Spotter Scope binoculars. If you hold the sight on an enemy for a couple of seconds, it marks them for teammates. There is a toggle for thermal vision mode that helps spot foes.

Where can you find the Spotter Scope?

As of now, it can be found randomly in buildings and loot boxes across the “Warzone” map.

Does the Spotter Scope have glint?

There is no glint on the Spotter Scope, meaning your position will not be compromised by aiming down sight.

How long does the Spotter Scope work for?

The Spotter Scope keeps enemies on the minimap for five seconds once it has locked onto a target. The time it takes to secure a ping depends on how far away the enemy is — it takes about three seconds from far away, two seconds from medium range and one second from up close.

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