What Ronaldo, Messi, Woods and more eat on cheat days, including pizza, burger, fries and apple crumble

EVEN the world's leading sports stars enjoy a cheat day every now and again.

While some of us might be gorging on fatty foods and eating what we want during lockdown, athletes tread a different path – carefully following a strict diet plan.

But, they are only human after all. When they feel like eating what they want, even they can't resist the charm of their favourite meal.

So, what does Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods or Roger Federer consider their cheat meal?

RAVE reviews have released the details, as well as the calories consumed in that feast, the fat, carbs, sugar and protein.


It's very rare that CR7 does anything bad for his body – he doesn't drink alcohol, works out for hours a day (even in his spare time) and takes five naps a day.

He is man that is dedicated to his craft. However, pizza is his weakness and Cristiano will happily scoff a slice or two with his son to avoid having a "boring" life.

He told YouTube channel ChrisMD: "The key is to take care of your body, train, do your recovery and eat properly.

"Although sometimes I do eat pizza with my son otherwise it would be boring."

That means Ron could eat in one sitting a 1,335 calorie meal, with 42g of fat, 142g of carbs, 16g of sugar, and 49g of protein.


The golf legend, and former Masters champion, returned to peak form thanks to a strict diet and training regiment.

And, to be fair, his meal isn't as bad for you as most. It also could be why he opened a restaurant in Florida that serves cuts of his favourite dish.

Woods likes a hearty steak and potatoes meal – consuming 979 calories, 58g of fat, 48g of carbs, 0g of sugar, and 62g of protein.


The Swiss tennis star has quite the sweet tooth – on the morning of a game he has been known to eat homemade waffles with fresh fruit compote.

And on a cheat day he goes the whole hog.

Like Ronaldo, Federer likes to eat pizza – a slice or two. He will finish that off with some chocolate and even ice cream.

A slice or two of pizza, plus chocolate and ice cream would see Roger eat around 880 calories, 37g of fat, 107g of carbs, 39g of sugar and 29g of protein.


The former football star has made no secret of his East End roots and love of a greasy spoon.

Pie or bangers and mash are his favourite, with plenty of licquor, coleslaw and baked beans.

At around 875 calories, that's not going to affect his waistline too much. That kind of meal would also feature about 42g of fat, 105g of carbs, 34g of sugar, and 30g of protein.


The 'Money Man' may have retired professionally, but he still competes in exhibition fights.

For that reason, Mayweather is dedicated to his craft – working out into the early hours.

But on a cheat day, the boxer has been known to feast on burgers, fried chicken and even spaghetti.

That's roughly 1,270 calories, 43g of fat, 153g of carbs, 15g of sugar, and 65g of protein.


The Barcelona star is very careful with what he eats – and to preserve his career he cut out pizzas, red meat, pork, cheese, and fizzy drinks from his diet in his mid 20s.

And even when he treats himself, he's extra careful with what he puts into his body.

A plate of toast with dulce de leche spread on top is his cheat meal.

That has 308 calories, six grams of fat, 57g of carbs, 31g of sugar, and eight grams of protein.


The heavyweight champion is a man mountain, so you would think Joshua could get away with a cheat meal every now and again.

When he's in training for a fight, he has been known to eat 4,000-5,000 calories a day.

And when he's not, a sweet treat is his poison.

Joshua will eat a 454 calorie apple crumble – with 10g of fat, 86g of carbs, 56g of sugar, and five grams of protein.


The fighting game must encourage a sweet tooth.

For McGregor is another who admits to indulging in desserts when he's feeling like taking a break from his healthy lifestyle.

Notorious likes a bit of cake and some coffee to snack on when he's off duty.

Mind you, at 526 calories, 24g of fat, 76g of carbs, 56g of sugar and four grams of protein – that's not going to harm him too much.


A former world number one, Osaka followed a strict diet to steal Serena Williams' crown as queen of the tennis world.

On a working day, it's smoked salmon bagels, boiled chicken and broccoli.

However, a food craving she can't hold off for long is a portion of fries.

That would be 730 calories consumed in one sitting, with 34g of fat, 96g of carbs, one gram of sugar, and eight grams of protein.


The LA Lakers star reportedly has a massive appetite – he's been known to eat cereal, eggs, lobster, steak, fish, smoothies, protein shakes, cookies, pasta, chicken, fruit, veggies, and more.

James even sometimes has a glass of red wine.

But his favourite meal is five pieces of French toast, drowned in syrup with strawberries and bananas. He follows that up with a 4-egg omelette.

That's a whopping 1,964 calorie meal featuring 41g of fat, 346g of carbs, 229g of sugar, and 55g of protein.


Serena has admitted in the past she's a foodie.

Before a game, she says she usually can't eat. But on a cheat day she certainly makes up for it.

The tennis legend loves pizza, tacos, fried chicken and her favourite Moon Pie – that's two large cookies with marshmallow sandwiched in the middle.

Williams has been known to eat 2,115 calories in one sitting, with 92g of fat, 194g of carbs, 61g of sugar, and 125g of protein.


Pacman, even on a cheat day, shows the discipline that's allowed him to remain in the fight game at 42.

The Filipino senator eats a clean diet nearly all the time, rice, fish, lean meats, etc.

His meal of choice ONLY has 332 calories in it – and is simply a mug of warm milk and some beef broth.

That'll mean he consumes 17g of fat, 24g of carbs, 24g of sugar, and 21g of protein with his cheat meal.

Come on Manny, you can do better than that.

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