Worse-for-wear England fans call in sick after 'testing positive for a hangover' following wild Euros celebrations

WORSE-for-wear England fans are calling in sick after "testing positive for a hangover" following a night of wild celebrations as the Three Lions reigned victorious.

Gareth Southgate's boys put on a spectacular performance at Wembley and will now take on Italy in the historic Euros final on Sunday.

Marking the first time England have reached a final in 55 years, buzzing Brits painted the town red – and white – as they revelled in the 2-1 win over Denmark.

But as football might be coming home, it seems hundreds of fans will be staying home today – after having one too many triumphant tipples.

Boozers across the country were rammed with supporters rushing to the bar to steady their nerves during the tense match and afterward as they basked in the glory – which is a decision some have come to regret this morning.

The internet has been flooded with fans complaining they feel rough this morning – with one joking: "Wonder how many folks won't be going into work or school today because they tested positive for a hangover."

"I'm hungover and I slept thru (sic) my alarm for work but it doesn't matter because it's coming home!" one Three Lions fan wrote.

"I'm hungover on my way to work still in my England shirt, see you on Sunday," another staunch supporter wrote.

Some unlucky supporters don't have the luxury of hiding their headaches either, with one footy fan adding: "8:30am video call, then video calls until 15:00… with the WORST hangover #footballscoming home #ENG"

Another boozed-up Brit returning home in delight and delirium shared his unusual style of celebrating online.

"Did yesterday really happen? Got a wicked hangover and half a jar of gherkins next to my bed that says it did and despite my rancid morning breath I still can't quite believe it," the user tweeted.

Some even demanded that Boris Johnson should make Monday a Bank Holiday ahead of Sunday's monumental match.

Across the country, the streets were charged with an electric atmosphere that could rival the scenes in Wembley Stadium.

Buzzing Brits climbed on top of double-decker buses, piled on moving cars and even hopped on the back of a bin wagon to celebrate the team's success.

One elated fan lucky enough to bag a seat to the game proved his dedication to the club with a huge tattoo of England's badge on his back – before falling down the stands as he celebrated.

The nation joined the players in singing the iconic Sweet Caroline as the team celebrated their monumental win after a nail-biting finish in extra time.

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