WWE legend The Undertaker: Vince McMahon is ‘awesome’

The Undertaker has given a glowing appraisal of WWE chairman Vince McMahon and described him as an “awesome leader”.

There had been speculation in several online news outlets that there was tension between Undertaker – who has been a key figure in the company since his 1990 debut – and McMahon after the former agreed to do several question-and-answer events this year.

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Undertaker will be part of the Starrcast fan convention and will also appear at events in Liverpool, London, Glasgow and Manchester after WrestleMania, an event for which he currently does not have a scheduled match.

But reports of tension seem to be somewhat off the mark, with Undertaker – real name Mark Calaway – stating he has an excellent relationship with the 73-year-old majority shareholder of WWE.

“He’s awesome,” he said in a second interview with American pastor Ed Young. “You may see him on TV and think, ‘man, I do not like that guy’, but he is awesome. He wouldn’t ask anybody to do anything that he wouldn’t do.

“He’s really built an empire from hard work and dedication and energy. When you see that man and what he puts into it, you feel ‘Well, I at least have to try to match that’.

“He’s an awesome leader. I call him boss, but we’re like friends now than we are employee and company owner.”

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