Twitter BANS 7,000 QAnon accounts amid crackdown on far-right group

Twitter BANS 7,000 QAnon accounts and limits ability of 150,000 others as it cracks down on online harassment campaigns from the far-right group Twitter launched a crackdown on far-right conspiracy theory group QAnon on Tuesday night They announced that 7,000 accounts had already been suspended The QAnon accounts violated the company’s rules, Twitter said  The company added […]

200,000 people could die because of delays in healthcare, report warns

200,000 people could die because of delays in healthcare and economic effects of coronavirus lockdown, report warns The UK has so far suffered 45,318 Covid-19 deaths since lockdown was imposed  Report says that more than 200,000 people could die due to healthcare delays Experts estimate up to 12,000 more could die in the next year […]

Record-breaking 260,000 people test positive in 24 hours in massive surge

Nearly 260,000 people tested positive for coronavirus in just 24 hours in the biggest surge in infections since the pandemic began. The number of confirmed infections worldwide has passed 14.2 million, with the most significant jumps recorded in the US, India, Brazil and South Africa. It comes as the number of people who have died […]

Families could pocket $6,000 from second stimulus check if coronavirus HEROES Act is approved by Republicans – The Sun

AMERICAN families could receive $6,000 in another coronavirus stimulus check if Senate Republicans pass the HEROES Act. Most households received the first check from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act back in March when the COVID-19 crisis caused mass unemployment and layoffs. In the middle of an economic downturn and skyrocketing unemployment […]