From the Archives, 1970: Bomb blasts Yugoslav consulate in Hawthorn

First published in The Age on October 22, 1970 Bomb rips Yugoslav Consulate The shattered building and the 10ft by 5ft hole blasted in the front wall. A bomb tore a gaping hole in the front office of the Yugoslav Consulate in Hawthorn late last night. The explosion shattered windows throughout the building. It was […]

From the Archives, 1970: Five dead in tragic air collision over Moorabbin

First published in The Age on October 20, 1970 Helicopter, plane hit: five killed Shattered pieces rain down on Moorabbin houses Four men and a nurse were killed when a helicopter and an air ambulance collided in mid-air over Moorabbin yesterday. Wreckage of the Beechcraft D50 after it crashed in a laneway in Moorabbin.Credit:The Age […]

1970 FA Cup final: The most brutal game in English football history

Eddie Gray collects the ball in the centre circle and immediately sets his sights on Chelsea’s goal. But David Webb has other ideas. Fuelled by fresh memories of his roasting at the hands of the Leeds winger a couple of weeks prior, the defender hits him, both feet off the ground, no prisoners. Bang. It […]