Shannon O’Connor – Mom 'who encouraged teens into booze-fueled sex at parties' blasted as a 'nightmare who loves power'

SHANNON O'Connor, the mom accused of encouraging teenagers into "booze-fueled sex at parties" has been slammed as a "nightmare who loves power." Prosecutors say the California mom lured teens to secret “drunken and destructive house parties” in her Los Gatos home, where she pressured underaged kids to engage in “sometimes nonconsensual” sex acts. O'Connor was […]

1012 meaning – What does the angel number mean?

ANGEL numbers are known as a recurring sequences of numbers that often have spiritual significance. 1012 is just one of the many angel numbers and often refers to positivity. What are angel numbers? Angel numbers are known for being everywhere and can appear in a number of ways including license plates, addresses, phone numbers, prices […]