My wife wants a divorce and says she's no longer attracted to me

DEAR DEIDRE: THE past two years have been difficult and I’ll admit I haven’t exactly been myself but I’m struggling to take in the news that my wife is insisting on a divorce. We were always best friends, but now there is no getting through to her. For more advice from Dear Deidre No issue […]

A Green Boa: Lady Gaga Flaunts Her Boa Made Of Money On A Private Jet

A post shared by Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) RELATED: Lady Gaga’s Financial Journey, From Bankruptcy, To $320 Million When speaking of Lady Gaga’s fashion statements over the years, it’s apparent to all that she has boldly gone where no other fashionista has ever gone before. She has worn everything from stunning, elegant gowns on the red carpet […]