Somehow ‘Devs’ Knew a Quarantine Episode Would Be Exactly What We Needed

Spoilers for the 7th and penultimate episode of Devs in the following story. Stop reading if you haven’t watched yet. Devs, Alex Garland’s thrilling new sci-fi series, takes place in a not-so-distant, alternate reality. Yet the technology we see—simulating deep into both the future and past—seems untouchable, unobtainable, unworldly. So, when something comes along that […]

Paula Radcliffe reveals her 'brave' father Peter has died

Paula Radcliffe confirms her ‘brave’ father Peter has died in hospital as she thanks NHS staff who looked after him Peter Radcliffe has died in Salisbury General Hospital, Paula has confirmed The former runner said he was ‘the kindest, wisest, most patient and brave man’ Peter inspired Paula to take up running as a child […]

A bleak Easter in the bluestone churches of Victoria’s oldest town

On Easter Sunday, the holiest day of the Christian calendar, a deacon will unlock the door of St Stephen's, Victoria’s oldest Anglican church, step inside, lock the door behind him and, alone, perform a 10 o’clock morning prayer service. Deacon Brian Lineker after his solitary morning prayers at Victoria’s oldest Anglican Church, St Stephen’s at […]

A 'Doogie Howser' Reboot Was Just Announced and Fans Don't Like It

The ‘80s and ‘90s spawned too many pop culture memories to count, but there are some TV characters who managed to stand the test of time. If you grew up during that era, then you’re probably familiar with Doogie Howser, M.D. Better yet, there’s a chance you’ve thrown out the term “Doogie Howser” to describe […]

Video shows a cough can spread germs across two shopping aisles

Shocking coronavirus simulation shows how infected shopper can cough cloud of deadly droplets across TWO supermarket aisles – with bug hanging in the air for ‘several minutes’ Scientists in Finland all run computer tests to see how coronavirus spreads Experts from three different bodies show disease can spread across two aisles Even in a ventilated […]

Unmasking WHO as a China apologist: Devine

Mayor Bill de Blasio did look a little ridiculous with a bandana covering half his face Tuesday but, hey, what’s new? He has always been Mayor Putz. In his own small way, he is trying to do the right thing and lead by example as his city is ravaged by the coronavirus. For that he […]