Megyn Kelly has no regrets about notorious feud with Trump

Megyn Kelly on Wednesday revisited her infamous feud with President Trump, discussing whether she’d change anything about how she handled the situation that led to months of attacks from the then-Republican presidential nominee. “Not one word,” the former Fox News anchor told the Daily Caller in a new interview. “I 100 percent stand by the […]

Twitter can’t stop talking about Trump’s debate mic getting cut

Many would probably say the first presidential debate of 2020 was kind of a nightmare. The event — held on Sept. 29, 2020 — was marked by President Donald Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden, and moderator Chris Wallace all talking over one another. The situation was so out of control at the first debate […]

Why we should stop talking about menopause writes ALEXANDRA SHULMAN

Why we should all stop talking about the menopause: It is really not that interesting, and defining ourselves by it is doing older women no favours, writes ALEXANDRA SHULMAN Here’s an undeniable fact. Over recent years I have aged.  I have more obvious grey hairs, need to drag an inconvenient array of different spectacles around […]

Two thirds of adults worry about their home when they're not in

ALMOST two thirds of adults worry about their home when they aren’t there – due to fears they have left doors and windows open, left a tap on or haven’t turned their hair straighteners off. A study of 2,000 adults found they check their appliances are turned off twice before finally walking out of the […]

Why keeping healthy is all about guy instinct

Why keeping healthy is all about guy instinct: Cut your risk of cancer with our unmissable series that could save your life We cannot alter the genes we are born with — but that definitely doesn’t mean we are irrevocably set on a path we can’t change when it comes to whether or not we […]