DMX and Demi Lovato: An Expert Weighs in on Celebrities and Addiction

Demi Lovato’s Dancing with the Devil docuseries and the death of rapper and actor DMX put a spotlight on the issue of celebrities and addiction. These incidents show how difficult it can be to stay sober, especially when in a demanding career like entertainment. In her documentary, Lovato explained that some of her troubles were […]

Ryan Gosling Was 'Very Upset' About Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

Ryan Gosling is a popular actor, known far and wide as the star who embodied the soulful Noah in the 2004 film The Notebook. Gosling, a former child star, has made a name for himself in recent years as a versatile performer, willing to take on any role, especially challenging ones. Gosling has a distinct […]

'Pitch Perfect': Was Adam Devine Really Singing?

From comedic star to musical pro, Adam Devine has many talents. As many actors find when trying to find their big break in Hollywood, you have to be multi-talented to be a successful star. Devine had no problem adjusting with his alluring personality, iconic dimpled smile, and ability to impro with witty comebacks. While there […]

Who Is Adam Pally's Wife?

Aspiring actors often have more than one job, if only to pay the bills until they make it big. Adam Pally has enjoyed plenty of success, but that hasn’t stopped him from working on multiple projects at once. However, the busy actor/comic/writer has more than his career to keep him busy. He’s also been married […]

How Many Tattoos Does Lily Collins Have?

Lily Collins knows a lot about being in the spotlight. She’s Phil Collins’s daughter, drummer for the band Genesis, and a hugely successful solo artist in his own right. After watching her father navigate the highs and lows of fame, Lily still decided she wanted to get into acting. Now with a successful career and […]

‘NCIS’: Meet the New Agents on ‘NCIS’

There have been a lot of changes at NCIS. The team looked slightly different during the last episode. It’s not clear how long the new team will be taking over or when Gibbs will be back. Here’s rundown of the new agents at NCIS. Special Agent Jessica Knight Jessica Knight is part of the NCIS […]

Why These Actors Refused To Shoot Certain Movie Scenes

For some actors, there’s lights, camera, and no action. Hollywood history is full of stories about stars who’ve refused to film a particular scene for one reason or another, and some cases feel like something out of a movie script. Of course, being in a film that’ll be on the big screen is a huge […]

Is Justice Smith Related to Will Smith?

Justice Smith has made a name for himself in just a few short years. This has led many people unfamiliar with the young actor to question if he’s one of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s children who’s only recently emerged in the spotlight alongside his siblings Jaden and Willow. Justice Smith’s acting career Smith […]

This Is Why All These Actors Had To Leave Law & Order

Though Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has surpassed its predecessor’s longevity, the original Law & Order still ranks as one of the longest-running primetime series in American television history; the police procedural aired new episodes on NBC across the span of two decades (via NBC).  Of course, with any TV show that runs that […]

Elvis Presley Tried to Imitate These Movie Stars in His Films

Elvis Presley inspired a lot of other celebrities — and he drew inspiration from other celebrities himself in his movies. He told Priscilla Presley he looked to a handful of famous actors and films for inspiration as an actor. In addition, he had connections to one of the actors he admired. Elvis Presley wanted to […]