Todd McCarthy Remembers Hollywood Legend Norman Lloyd

Norman Lloyd was the last one standing. For a long time, it looked like an extended, slow-motion foot-race between Norman and Olivia de Havilland as to who would be the final significant figure from Hollywood’s golden age to pass from Earth to the eternal cinematic firmament. But Olivia left us in July of last year […]

‘Psycho’ Turns 60 This Week: How the 1960 Release Created an Iconic Film

Although Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” was the biggest hit of his career with an adjusted gross of $400 million, it didn’t set records. (“Rear Window” made $472 million adjusted, but that includes reissues). It ranks #164 among domestic sound films, and was #2 among 1960 releases (second to “Spartacus”). Among black-and-white films, it ranks #5. However, […]