André Leon Talley Defends Uggs—and That Vogue Cover

It’s difficult to overstate the enthusiasm with which certain corners of fashion received André Leon Talley’s campaign for Ugg. “Everything is awful and nothing makes sense EXCEPT for André Leon Talley as the new face of UGG,” the writer Evan Ross Katz tweeted when the ads dropped. “We stan emphatically.” Not only do the images […]

Andre Johnson, Arian Foster rip Texans ‘f–kery’ as chaos reigns in Houston

More On: houston texans Texans set up Eric Bieniemy interview after Deshaun Watson uproar Deshaun Watson would consider Dolphins trade as Texans disaster grows Texans’ words on Deshaun Watson don’t match their actions Texans doing everything possible to alienate ‘extremely unhappy’ Deshaun Watson There may not be an organization in sports that is a bigger […]