Needy golden retrievers muscle in on owner's bath time

A woman has shared a video of her two adorable dogs gate-crashing her bath time, staring at her, and drinking her bathwater. Ursula Aitchison was looking for a night of peace when she escaped to a London hotel last month, but her pampering plans were scuppered when Huxley, two, and Hugo, seven, muscled in on […]

'Animals die in the food industry': PM dismisses mass pig cull fears

‘Animals die in the food industry’: Boris Johnson dismisses farmers’ fury at a potential savage cull of 120,000 pigs due to a shortage of abattoir workers that could lead to a Christmas sausage shortage The PM blithely said the food industry ‘does involve killing a lot of animals’  Came after BMPA warning that swine cull […]

Astrologer reveals your perfect pet based on your star sign

Getting a pet is a big commitment, with their wellbeing and happiness in your hands. Before you embark on your pet-owning journey, you should know as much as possible about the needs and wants of your potential new companion. For example, you might love videos of cute puppies, but you can’t give them the time […]

Huge dog and tiny baby pony are best friends who love giving each other kisses

Meet Shetland foal Sutton and five-year-old Newfoundland dog Dom, who have become inseparable best buds since meeting just days ago. Four-month-old Sutton met Dom on September 19, from which point they were instantly smitten with each other. The pair have taken to giving each other kisses, grooming each other, taking naps together, eating together and […]

Hilarious snaps of animals not looking their best

These won’t be winning any awards! Amateur photographers share VERY funny snaps of animals not looking their best – from a swan losing its balance to a squirrel hanging off a bird feeder The animal kingdom inspires many amateur wildlife photographers to pick up their cameras – but these images prove that some of them […]