Heart’s Ann Wilson Drops New Solo Single ‘Black Wing’

Heart singer Ann Wilson has released a lyric video for her new solo single, “Black Wing.” “The bird is soaring over the landscape below and bringing news of the crazy world to the watcher who is cut off from civilization,” Wilson tweeted, sharing a link to the “Black Wing” lyric video. “I sometimes felt that […]

Heart’s Ann Wilson Drops Heavy New Solo Single ‘The Hammer’

Heart lead singer and songwriter Ann Wilson has dropped a heavy new solo single “The Hammer.” “When the hammer comes down, grinding, grinding / When the hammer comes down, reminding, reminding,” she belts on the track. “When the hammer comes down, blinding, blinding / When the hammer comes down, unwinding, unwinding.” “The Hammer” is one […]

Ann Wilson Reveals Heart Biopic In Development

During the course of a recent SiriusXM‘s “Volume West” show, Ann Wilson announced that a biopic about Heart is in the making. Wilson also said that Sleater-Kinney‘s Carrie Brownstein will write and direct the biopic that is being produced by Lynda Obst for Amazon. “I saw the first draft of the script,” Wilson revealed. “It’s […]

Ann Wilson Releases Cover Of Steve Earle’s ‘The Revolution Starts Now’

Heart vocalist Ann Wilson has released a cover of Steve Earle‘s “The Revolution Starts Now.” This is the legendary singer’s first release since her 2018 solo album, Immortal. “‘The Revolution Starts Now’ is a powerful, uplifting anthem of unity. It’s an incitement to think higher than polarization and derision. We need that now. I used […]

Ann Wilson Unveils ‘I Am The Highway’ Video

Ann Wilson has released an official music video for her cover version of Audioslave‘s “I Am The Highway,” in honor of the band’s late vocalist Chris Cornell. “I Am The Highway” is Wilson’s favorite Chris Cornell song. “It’s a really great song. It has a lot of particular meaning to me because Chris was my […]