Titans’ Ryan Tannehill better fantasy option than pseudo-studs

A common refrain in the fantasy community is, “Start your studs.” This seems simple enough, but it is worth questioning this principle sometimes. Like, what constitutes a stud? What if the stud isn’t performing to stud levels? What if the matchup is incredibly severe? No single question can provide the answer. All are in play, […]


Hannah B. Has Some Advice For Peter About Being The Next Bachelor

Dating 30 people on national television can come with its fair share of stress and nobody knows that better than Hannah Brown, who became this year’s Bachelorette after serving as a contestant on Colton’s season. And with great insight comes great responsibility, which is why Hannah has advice for Peter about becoming the Bachelor, based […]


Is Wine Drunk Different From Beer Drunk Or Liquor Drunk?

Many drinkers believe that different kinds of alcohol create different personal reactions; one of my friends is convinced that tequila, and only tequila, makes her depressed. These beliefs are sometimes very old; gin, for instance, was known as "mother’s ruin" in 1700s England because it was believed to affect women more than men. However, experts […]

World News

Russian mercenaries beheaded by ISIS-linked Islamists in Mozambique

Russian mercenaries are beheaded by ISIS-linked Islamists in Mozambique Seven Russian mercenaries killed in two separate attacks in Mozambique  One attack saw four fighters ambushed, shot and then beheaded by extremists  ISIS began claiming attacks in Mozambique’s northern provinces in June  Russia signed a deal with the Mozambique government to provide military aid in 2017, […]