Lloyds Bank to cut 865 jobs in restructuring plans made pre Covid

Lloyds Bank will cut 865 jobs in its insurance, wealth and retail teams as it revives restructuring plans made before Covid pandemic The job losses included 780 cuts that were put on hold because of the pandemic  News comes after Natwest Group and Co-operative Bank announced job cuts  Unite union national officer worried workers thrown […]

Traffic chaos over Bank Holiday weekend with 18m cars on the roads

Drivers are warned they face traffic chaos over the Bank Holiday weekend with 18million cars taking to the roads as families seize last chance to enjoy staycation Around 1.8m more cars are set to be on the road compared with August 2019 Friday predicted to be the busiest day on the roads, with 5.6m journeys […]

Police brace for bank holiday bedlam on Notting Hill Carnival weekend

Police brace for bank holiday bedlam with up to 35 illegal raves planned – with many advertised as ‘the REAL Notting Hill Carnival’ in place of cancelled event Birmingham Police were called to more than 70 unlicensed gatherings overnight One in Northfield, on the outskirts of the city, had two marquees as well as a […]

Chinese sperm bank urges male citizens to 'actively make donations'

Chinese sperm bank urges male citizens to ‘actively make donations’ after ‘facing semen shortage due to coronavirus’ The fertility facility in China said they were in desperate need for sperm donors Its reserved semen could only help 30 couples who were hoping to conceive The number of volunteers dropped drastically due to coronavirus, the clinic […]

Bank boss jailed for over four years after stealing nearly £3m

Finance boss is jailed for more than four years after stealing nearly £3million from his bank before splashing the cash on sports cars, designer watches and lavish holidays Simon Olver, 42, set up two fake payments to himself worth a total of £2.9million  He began defrauding Credit Industriel et Commercial Bank under a year into job […]

Church and Bank of England apologise over historic links to slavery

Church and Bank of England apologise over links to slave trade branding it ‘an unacceptable part of English history’ and a ‘source of shame’ The City of London has been dragged into the fresh scrutiny and debate on Britain’s chequered past  Merchants and plantation owners who profited from slavery have been linked to some of […]