A 450-Pound, 40 Rep Bench Press Workout Is 'Cardio' for Brian Shaw

Four-time World’s Strongest Man Brian Shaw has been training consistently during quarantine. Between a conversation with fellow Strongman Hafthor Björnsson ahead of his world record deadlift, Shaw also deadlifted a car, challenged his wife to a home workout challenge, and set a goal to bench press 701 pounds. And in his latest YouTube video, he’s […]

Watch These Guys Try to Bench Press Their Own Bodyweight Underwater

Greg Wittstock set a new world record last year for the highest number of bench press reps performed underwater, cranking out 43 on a 110-pound barbell. In his latest video, YouTuber Tyler Oliveira and his friends perform sets of 5 bench press reps in a pool, starting out with a humble 45-pound bar and working […]

World Record Bench Presser Julius Maddox Shares His Training Session

Powerlifter Julius Maddox officially broke the bench press world record at the Arnold Classic in March 2020 by benching 770 pounds. With that feat accomplished, he’s embarked on a training path to bench 800 pounds—and that progress isn’t letting up during the coronavirus pandemic quarantine. Maddox is taking his YouTube followers on his journey as […]