Biden warns staff he'll fire them on the spot if they're disrespectful

Biden gives White House staffers stern warning they’ll be ‘fired on the spot’ if they disrespect each other as part of his pledge to ‘restore decency’ in US government Biden made the threat as he swore in around 1,000 appointed political aides from the White House State Dining Room during a virtual ceremony He said: ‘If […]

Biden, Harris stand with Obama, Bush and Clinton to lay wreath

Joe Biden’s first act of unity: New president stands with Obama, Bush and Clinton to lay wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier after pledging to lead for all Americans In their first show of unity, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were joined by former presidents and first ladies of both […]

Why Joe Biden is exactly the right man to mend America

America is used to political disruption. It’s an enormous country that was born out of a revolutionary war and was indelibly scarred by a horrific civil war that tore its people apart. Interestingly, the biggest external threats to the United States over the past 50 years, Russia and China, have endured very similar histories – […]

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris pray for the COVID dead in DC

‘To heal we must remember’: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris pray for the 400,000 Americans who have died of COVID on the eve of the inauguration as buildings light up across the country Joe Biden and Kamala Harris prayed for the COVID dead in their first joint appearance in DC on Tuesday The ceremony was […]

Joe Biden may be banned from bringing Peloton bike to White House

More On: joe biden Counterintelligence official warns of threat posed by China Biden’s assistant health secretary pick would be first transgender fed official confirmed by Senate Biden is opening the door to a mess on Day 1 Joe Biden announces financial regulator appointments Joe Biden may be taking his last ride. The president-elect may be […]

Cuomo skipping Biden inauguration over threats to Albany, US capitols

More On: andrew cuomo Former NYS Democratic Party head gets vaccinated — in Florida Letters to the editor — Jan. 17, 2021 Brooklyn site runs out of COVID vaccine shots as NYC faces looming shortage Andrew Cuomo’s poisonous green dreams Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday he had canceled his plans to attend President-elect Joe Biden’s […]

Biden official tells Honduran migrant caravan to stop heading to U.S.

Biden aide tells 8,000 Honduran migrants to turn back because the US won’t let them as Guatemalan forces use sticks and tear gas to stop caravan surging north Guatemalan security forces clashed with the group just days before the advent of a new U.S. administration Between 7,000 and 8,000 migrants, including families with children, have […]