Biden's infrastructure talks with GOP collapse amid irreconcilable differences

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden's infrastructure talks with Republicans collapsed on Tuesday, the lead GOP negotiator said. "I spoke with the president this afternoon, and he ended our infrastructure negotiations," Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, of West Virginia, said in a statement. The end of talks will increase pressure on Democrats to pass a sweeping […]

Biden’s sneaky way to raise the minimum wage without changing the law

More On: minimum wage Under Armour to lift minimum hourly wage to $15 in US Biden raises minimum wage for federal contracts to $15 an hour Mexicans love Speedy Gonzales and other commentary Like Uber, Lyft, ride-sharing app Via accused of mistreating drivers How do you raise the minimum wage without raising the minimum wage? […]

Hunter Biden’s Ukraine salary was cut — after Joe Biden left office

More On: hunter biden ‘Dad will be there’: Hunter Biden brought veep Joe to dinner with shady business partners Joe and Hunter Biden make trip to Delaware to honor Senate aide who died Hunter Biden shopped reality show as dad launched White House run, book claims Russell Brand slams censorship of Post Hunter Biden exposé […]

Israel ignores Biden's call for ceasefire and pounds Palestine again

Israel ignores Biden’s call for a ceasefire and pounds Palestine for another night as IDF reveals map of tunnel network and both sides claim fighting could end ‘tomorrow’ The Israeli Defence Forces released a map of the Hamas ‘Metro’ as their bombing campaign continued – revealing that they have destroyed 60 miles of the vast […]