Mary Padian’s most bizarre Storage Wars find ever

Among the stranger things you can find on Mary Padian’s online store are a wooden landline phone that still works, a vintage cloth Pinocchio puppet made in Japan, and a Kennedy for President letterhead, hand-signed by Ted Kennedy. If you’re adventurous, you can also spend $55 on a “Surprise Mystery Box of Treasures,” filled with Padian’s finds […]

Mystery as bizarre 15ft creature washes up on beach in Merseyside

Mystery as bizarre 15ft creature with ‘flippers’ and ‘fur’ washes up on beach in Merseyside An unidentifiable creature washed up on a beach in Liverpool on Wednesday The 15-foot long headless beast is furry, has flippers and is badly decomposed Locals have speculated that it is a woolly mammoth, a walrus – even an alien A 15-feet […]

Bizarre horoscopes from 1979 go viral after resurfacing on Twitter

That’s NOT the horoscope you wanted to read! Unearthed chart from 1979 branding Leos ‘vain bullies’ and Sagittarians ‘drunks’ with no talent leaves Twitter users in stitches with its VERY damning takes on the signs The list, allegedly from 1979, was shared by Twitter user Wendy, 19, from the US Received 231,000 retweets, over 489,500 […]

Bizarre conspiracies about George Soros funding BLM protests emerge

Bizarre conspiracy theories about George Soros organizing and fueling the unrest in the US sparked by the death of George Floyd soar online – as far right claim he ‘owns Antifa’ and has ‘hired protesters to cause chaos’ The theories involving Soros, 89, range from him hiring protesters and renting buses to transport them to […]

Dock Ellis’ bizarre no-hitter while on LSD: 50 years later

When he woke late that morning, he tried putting the details together from the night before, but in those days, for Dock Ellis, that wasn’t always easy. He knew the Pirates had landed in San Diego early Wednesday night after playing a noon game at Candlestick. He had permission from his manager, Danny Murtaugh, to […]