This Iconic ’90s Brand Has A Morphe Makeup Collection

In November 2020, Morphe debuted their first collaboration with iconic ’90s artist Lisa Frank. It sold out pretty quickly, and due to its immense popularity the collection has returned with a new twist. This time around, the set comes with a lip crayons inspired by some of Frank’s adorable critters, including the golden retriever duo […]

How to get a BRAND NEW bikini from two old pairs of bottoms

Fashion lover takes the internet by storm after revealing how she created a new bikini from two old string bottoms A woman has taken the internet by storm after sharing how she gets a new bikini To make the new top, you simply need to get your hands on two string bottoms By tying them […]

The Clean Skincare Brand That You Need To Try

The beauty industry is ever evolving, as brands are constantly searching for ingredient combinations that help deliver the results buyers desire. More recently, you might notice skincare buzzwords like “clean beauty” and “nontoxic” have been donning the packages and advertisements of certain brands. This effort to remove harmful ingredients from skincare and beauty products is […]

Jordan Brand announces $5 million in Black Community Commitment Grants

The National Museum of African American History and Culture, Morehouse College, and The Ida B. Wells Society will receive the Jordan Brand’s (NKE) latest Black Community Commitment Grants. According to Nike, the grants will help to address systemic racism and increase education and awareness of the Black experience for all people.  The National Museum of […]

The Drugstore Skincare Brand That’s Gone Viral On TikTok

You may remember passing by those sensitive skincare brands on the drugstore shelf, only to opt for brighter, more recognizable products. However, one sensitive-skin brand in particular has gained so much recognition on TikTok that it’s taking the skincare world by storm. CeraVe, which was founded in 2005, is being hailed as the calming product […]

Five brand new £1million luxury mansions will be torn down

Five brand new £1million luxury mansions will be torn down because plots were ’33 per cent too big’ after homeowners desperately battled to save them during bitter five year-long planning war Six-bed detached properties in West Pennine moors are up to a third bigger than they were permitted to be Bolton Council issued an enforcement notice […]

Pursuit of Love viewers brand Andrew Scott as Lord Merlin 'perfection'

Pursuit of Love viewers praise Andrew Scott’s dance moves and ‘perfect’ portrayal of dapper neighbour Lord Merlin as the ‘saving grace’ of an otherwise ‘uneducated, unintelligent and ill-informed’ adaptation BBC Pursuit of Love viewers praised Andrew Scott’s role as eccentric Lord Merlin Plays Radletts’ neighbour and entered in dance scene wearing silk pyjamas  People praised actor […]

The One Makeup Brand Billie Eilish Can’t Live Without

Billie Eilish can’t stop wowing the world. The 19-year-old singer left behind her characteristic baggy clothes and green hair for a pink corset and blond waves to bring out the most feminine side of her personality in her cover shoot for British Vogue. The photoshoot soon went viral, with fans praising her new look. Eilish […]