Tony Hsieh’s dad, brother named estate administrators after fatal fire

Tony Hsieh’s dad and brother have been appointed administrators of the Zappos founder’s estate after he died in a house fire and may have left no will. A judge in Nevada — where Hsieh helped revitalize downtown Las Vegas — ordered the move last week after the tech multimillionaire’s family made the request, court papers […]

The untold truth of Big Brother: All Stars

It’s finally here! Big Brother: All-Stars premiered as the series’ 22nd season, and things are about to get messy in the best way. On August 5, 2020, host Julie Chen Moonves introduced the cast during a live broadcast, and die-hard fans officially welcomed back sixteen of their most beloved — and despised — houseguests. Fans have been waiting for […]

How Much Are the Lagina Brothers Worth? – The Cheat Sheet

The Curse of Oak Island treasure hunt requires money — and lots of it. According to several comments on the show, Marty Lagina and his brother, Rick Lagina have invested some of their own money into the Money Pit dig. Which has led fans to question: How much are the Lagina brothers worth? Up ahead, […]