Brown hares box each other as female fends off over-amorous buck

Hop it! Pair of brown hares box each other as female fends off over-amorous buck Local photographer Paula Cooper recorded the footage near Swaffham, Norfolk Boxing normally breaks out between hares of opposite sex during mating season The bouts are traditionally considered a sign that spring is underway  A pair of brown hares were caught […]

CRAIG BROWN: Six amazing facts about April Fool's Day

CRAIG BROWN: The day Donald Trump thought Mars had attacked… six amazing facts about April Fool’s Day 1 April Fool’s Day is an annual custom consisting of pranks and hoaxes. Its origins are subject to debate. Some believe its etymology derives from ‘April Foals’, a reference to the disproportionate number of horses born on or […]

Janelle Brown: I’m Rooting for Meri and Kody, But…

Janelle Brown isn’t here to sugarcoat anything. She isn’t here to make predictions, either. Instead, the Sister Wives cast member is here to keep it real and to let viewers know where she stands. Not on her relationship with Kody; but on Kody’s relationship with Meri. There’s no denying at this point that Meri and […]

How It Began! Hannah Brown Answers All About BF Adam Woolard

Too cute for words! Hannah Brown opened up about her romance with boyfriend Adam Woolard in a major way. 5 Things to Know About Hannah Brown’s Boyfriend Adam Woolard In a new video via her YouTube channel on Wednesday, March 3, the former Bachelorette, 26, answered several questions that featured her beau’s written answers. She […]