Car salesman jailed over plan to travel to Kashmir to fight

Khaled Temssah listed his attributes like he was making a pitch in his daytime job of selling cars. He knew martial arts, could use a rifle and had been hunting many times, spoke Arabic and was blessed with a “good tongue” for speaking with others, had leadership skills, was a quick learner and happy to […]

Door ripped off car after driver opens it in front of passing traffic

Shocking moment driver’s door is ripped off its hinges when he opens it into the path of a passing car Driving instructor Peter Scott, 57, filmed the dramatic moment in Sunderland  The Land Rover Freelander driver opened his car door in front of a Ford Fiesta The Freelander’s door was ripped from its hinges and […]

At least 2 kids die in hot cars this week as heat wave hits US

At least two children have died in hot cars this week as a heat wave blasted the U.S. On Tuesday afternoon, a 4-year-old boy died in East Manchester Township, Pennsylvania, the York County Coroner’s Office said. After the family wasn’t able to find the boy around the home, they discovered him dead outside in their […]

Dutch tourist swallows his CAR KEYS and chokes to death

Dutch tourist swallows his CAR KEYS and chokes to death because Spanish locals couldn’t comprehend what he was telling them as he begged for help Dutch tourist entered a Barcelona shopping centre desperately looking for help The security officers could not understand him and forced him out of the centre He then collapsed outside and […]