How Tucker Carlson Really Spends His Millions

While Fox News host and conservative pundit Tucker Carlson might be loathed by the left and beloved by the right, it’s safe to say that either way, Carlson is still taking it all to the bank. As the premiere talking head on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the crown jewel of the network owned by […]

NSA’s Tucker Carlson targeting was no joke and other commentary

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Tucker Carlson Falsely Calls Dr Fauci 'The Guy Who Created COVID' (Video)

Tucker once again references the bogus theory that Fauci somehow funded a Chinese lab’s development of COVID-19 Fox News host Tucker Carlson continued to imply that infectious disease expert and White House advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci somehow is responsible for creating the coronavirus pandemic during Wednesday night’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Tucker was talking […]

Tucker Carlson claims NSA is spying on him

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