NY Attorney General: Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed eleven women

Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a name for himself nationally during the pandemic by giving daily press conferences which ended up being kind of soothing to a national audience. There was even some gossip about Cuomo maybe being on the short list for Biden’s VP. But nothing came of it, because there were persistent rumors about […]

Anna Faris wants to host her own daytime talk show

Embed from Getty Images Anna Faris stepped down from her very popular series, Mom, in 2020. Although a strong ensemble, Anna was still mainly the series lead, if not co-lead with Allison Janney. It was a bold move. At the time she cited other opportunities. Those opportunities turned out to be her podcast, Unqualified with […]

Marc Jacobs on his facelift: Olive oil is ‘not why your neck is tight’

https://www.instagram.com/p/CR18QnQFHAT/ A post shared by Marc Jacobs (@themarcjacobs) Designer Marc Jacobs, 58, had a facelift a couple of weeks ago. We know about it because he posted photos of his bandaged face and post-op recovery, tagging his doctor and including the tags #f*ckgravity and #livelovelift. Jacobs has posted more photos since, and I continue to […]

Matt Damon says he only stopped using a homophobic slur ‘months ago’

It would not be a Matt Damon promotional trail without him saying something awful and offensive. He’s done this so many times, it’s a wonder that nothing ever really sticks to him permanently. Teflon Matty, I suppose. Hopefully that’s not the case here, because good God, he sucks. Matt Damon is currently promoting Git Er […]