Veterans for Black Lives Matter volunteered to help clean up DC after the siege A post shared by Continue To Serve #VetsForBLM (@continuetoserve) It’s been almost two weeks since the Capitol was besieged by insurrectionists. Over the last two weeks more information is coming out about the terrorist attack, particularly about the people who were involved. There is growing evidence that several Congress people helped the traitors storm […]

Ivanka Trump wants to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration & her dad is so mad

There’s nothing in the Constitution about an outgoing president attending his successor’s inauguration. It’s just one of those historical norms, a precedent which is usually – but not always – followed, to signify one of our great American traditions, the peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump will not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration and Donald Trump […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks out about the Capitol siege & Nazism

Many people will say that Arnold Schwarzenegger is cancelled because of his history of sexual harassment and his serial infidelities and many other things. I’m not saying that people don’t have the right to cancel him, but I do think Schwarzenegger used to be a very popular figure in the Republican Party, and he is […]