What is Sandra Lee's Age and How Much Older is Andrew Cuomo?

Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee were together for years. The New York governor and the Food Network star seem like an unlikely couple, but they made their relationship work for over a decade. Now, we’re diving in — and it seems there’s quite an age difference between them. So, what is Sandra Lee’s age, and […]

Is Chris D'Elia Still Dating Girlfriend Kristin Taylor? Who Is His Ex-Wife?

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Are Ronan Farrow and Jon Lovett Married in 2021?

Mia Farrow and her 15 kids are gaining a ton of attention thanks to the HBO documentary, Allen v. Farrow. And many are curious about Ronan Farrow, Mia’s son she’s particularly close with. So, are Ronan Farrow and Jon Lovett married? Here’s what we know about the famous Farrow child and the podcast celebrity. Who […]

Who Is Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren and Why Did They Get Divorced?

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How Lamar Odom Feels About Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's Divorce

As Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West remain silent regarding the end of their seven-year marriage, that hasn’t stopped other celebrities from commentating. Kim filed divorce documents on Feb. 19 seeking joint legal and physical custody of their four children, but not much else is confirmed from the estranged pair. Regardless of what happens, Kim’s […]

Who Was Andrew Cuomo Married to Before Dating Sandra Lee?

In 2019, Andrew Cuomo and Sandra Lee ended their high-profile romance. When he became governor of New York, Cuomo was dating Lee, and her star was on the rise as a celebrity chef. The long-term relationship drew the interest of the media and the public. Long before his romance with the TV chef, Cuomo was married to another high-profile […]