Kendall Jenner reveals a choppy, layered haircut on Elle: cute & 90s?

Kendall Jenner covers the August issue of Elle Magazine. It’s not a traditional cover profile of some hot young celebrity lady with an out-of-touch interview about how hard it is to be famous. Kendall has done plenty of those, don’t get me wrong. But for this issue, they didn’t bother interviewing her. She was just […]

NY Attorney General: Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed eleven women

Gov. Andrew Cuomo made a name for himself nationally during the pandemic by giving daily press conferences which ended up being kind of soothing to a national audience. There was even some gossip about Cuomo maybe being on the short list for Biden’s VP. But nothing came of it, because there were persistent rumors about […]

Inside Spike Lee's Beef With Arsenio Hall

While comedians are known to make people laugh, they also have the tendency to piss people off, including their peers. Comedians like Kevin Hart and Katt Williams have had ongoing issues, but beef in the comedy world dates back decades. In the late 80s, comedian and talk show host Arsenio Hall apparently was no fan […]

This Celebrity Nicknamed Disney World the 'Humid-est Place On Earth'

Although she hasn’t had a starring role in a Disney film, Elizabeth Jean “Busy” Philipps still shared her love for the Disney theme parks, visiting with her children during 2021. Here’s what she had to say about her trip to Orlando and Walt Disney World. Busy Philipps starred in movies like ‘White Chicks,’ ‘He’s Just […]