How to check how much your council tax bill is going up by

HOUSEHOLDS could see their council tax bills jump by up to 5% in April – adding £100 more to their bill. The Treasury gave the green light for the tax hike in last year’s spending review, and the extra cash raised is earmarked to pay for rising police and social care costs. Over half of […]

5 Face Masks to Check Out So You Can Start Double-Masking

Please note: Information below is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. See tips and information from the CDC here. While we’re all excited for what the latter half of 2021 may bring, the start of the year has been the most stressful yet, with an upswing in cases — […]

The test that can check if chemo will work for you

The test that can check if chemo will work for you: NHS will roll out a blood test which predicts the patient’s ability to break down chemotherapy drugs NHS announced plans for a blood test to decide if patients need chemotherapy Test searches for a particular gene to determine if chemotherapy is suitable  The new […]