120MILLION could be sent new $1,200 stimulus checks 'INSTANTLY with direct deposit' if Pelosi and GOP strike a deal

More than one hundred million people could be sent new $1,200 stimulus checks "instantly with direct deposit." A whopping 120million eligible Americans could receive the speedy coronavirus relief checks if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republicans can finally strike a deal. Earlier this month, Pelosi said Democratic leaders have shown the White House that they’re willing to […]

Could we develop a vaccine for political memory loss, urgently?

We haven’t seen such desperate need of a vaccine against memory loss – or an outbreak of the “don’t knows” – since the banking royal commission, when a large proportion of the nation’s top financiers came down with near-crippling cases of failure to recall. It’s grown to a pandemic in the rarefied air of big-time […]

Mattingly’s Marlins could clinch berth at Yankee Stadium

Don Mattingly returns this weekend to Yankee Stadium, where his best years as a player always ended when the regular season did. Now Mattingly is enjoying perhaps his best year as a manager leading the Miami Marlins as they try to extend their improbable season into next week. His young team is staggering toward the […]

Murder hornets could spread across US if unchecked, study warns

They’re back. Just when we thought the murder hornet scourge had died down, leaving 2020 to come up with some alternate terror, scientists are now predicting that the giant, bee-killing bugs could potentially spread “rapidly” if not contained. “This could be, if it were to become established, one of the most damaging invasive species that […]

Covid-19 restrictions could care homes ban visits for a YEAR

Sweeping Covid restrictions on care homes could mean elderly residents don’t see their loved ones for a YEAR, charity warns Age UK said it worried about local public health bosses ordering blanket bans Although infection control is important, the charity said social contact also is They said a lack of visitors risks premature deaths due […]

Sexual activity could improve chances of heart attack survival

How making love can boost heart attack patients: Experts say sexual activity can improve chances of survival over following two decades Active sex lives are linked with 35 per cent lower risk of death after a heart attack Tel Aviv University in Israel studied 495 heart attack patients aged 65 or under Risk of death […]