Amid India COVID-19 crisis, remembering the people: Reporter's Notebook

NEW DELHI — On the ground in India, COVID-19 is everywhere. It’s in the fear that keeps people trapped indoors, a vacant silence falling over the normally bustling city of New Delhi. It’s in the chaos outside of hospitals, where we see family members desperately searching for an intensive care unit bed or oxygen for […]

Pipeline crisis forces American Airlines to add fueling stops on long-haul flights

More On: pipeline Crippling gas crisis begins to spread after hackers shut down critical pipeline Republicans bash Biden over pipeline cyberattack, shutdown North Carolina in gas crisis after hackers shut down crucial pipeline ‘DarkSide’ hackers behind Colonial Pipeline attack: FBI American Airlines has added stops to a pair of long-haul routes out of North Carolina […]

Merkel holds crisis meeting as some regions halt AstraZeneca for under-60s

Berlin: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has held a crisis meeting with state governors amid fresh concern over unusual blood clots reported in people who received AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine. Several German regions on Tuesday, local time, suspended use of the shots in people under 60, and the country’s independent vaccine expert panel recommended restricting them to […]