Watch as a 'cute' koala bursts into its terrifying mating call

What nightmares are made of: Watch as a ‘cute and cuddly’ koala bursts into its terrifying mating call Clip uploaded to Reddit shows a koala in full cry and it is utterly terrifying Male species of the Australian marsupial are renowned for their mating call  Scientists have warned koalas could soon be extinct, only 30,000 […]

Huge dog and tiny baby pony are best friends who love giving each other kisses

Meet Shetland foal Sutton and five-year-old Newfoundland dog Dom, who have become inseparable best buds since meeting just days ago. Four-month-old Sutton met Dom on September 19, from which point they were instantly smitten with each other. The pair have taken to giving each other kisses, grooming each other, taking naps together, eating together and […]