Antiques shop owner discovers painting is a rare work by Eugene Boudin

Antiques shop owner discovers beach painting bought from London flea market was once stolen from a Mayfair art gallery and is a rare work by French artist Eugene Boudin whose work has sold for £1.5MILLION Old Bank Antiques boss said a lady sold him the ‘Trouville – Scene de Plage’ piece She told him that her […]

Pub owner discovers 50-year-old time capsule in building's walls

Time at the bar! Pub owner discovers 50-year-old time capsule containing a price list, ha-penny coins and a £1-an-hour wage slip buried in the 200-year-old building’s walls Pub owner Toby Brett, 41, found a small haul of items dating back to July 1973 Items were placed in the walls of Holcombe Farmshop and Kitchen in […]

Woman discovers an underground BOMB SHELTER in a California home

Woman reveals the eerie underground BOMB SHELTER she discovered under a manhole in the master bedroom of a California home built in 1951 Jennifer Little, an estate manager, found the Cold War-era bomb shelter in a home that was built in central California in 1951 She posted her first video about the secret room a few […]

Horrified girl, 13, discovers HUMAN SKULL on beach in Essex

Horrified girl, 13, finds HUMAN SKULL on beach near infamous Deadman’s Island that was a mass burial ground for crooks and pirates 200 years ago A 13-year-old girl discovered the skull whilst walking on a beach near Harwich Essex Police confirmed it is a real human skull and it is being forensically dated  Residents speculated skull […]

Widow, 65, discovers long-lost family with help of stranger

Widow, 65, who discovered relatives she never knew existed after stranger purchased her grandfather’s WWI medals on eBay says it’s given her ‘new hope’ in the ‘darkest days’ of lockdown Jocelyn Trent, 65, had no idea grandfather Charles Sharman served in WWI Adam Simpson-York buys medals online to reunite them with family members Says she […]