The cutest dog Halloween costumes this year

If you’re sick of Halloween by this point in the day, let us resurrect your love for the spookiest day of the year. Because if terrible Twitter names and scooping out pumpkin guts haven’t got you in the spirit, this is the only thing that can – dogs in Halloween costumes. Yes, whether it’s a […]

World News

Dog catcher drags away girl's Spaniel in Kazakhstan

Heartbroken girl, eight, strokes her beloved pet dog as she watches it die after it was shot with a poisoned dart by an animal control worker ‘who is paid per animal corpse’ in Kazakhstan Shynali Risbibi, 8, was on her way to school in the Jambyl region of Kazakhstan   One-year-old Spaniel, Barsik, accompanied the girl […]


Dogs can help you live longer, says best study ever

Next time someone accuses you of being “dramatic” for saying you “can’t live without your dog” ― we give you permission to show them this report. The results are more delightful than belly rubs and wet nose boops combined. A new scientific review, which encompasses about 70 years of research surrounding the health benefits of […]