This Is What Drinking Water Really Does For Your Skin

If you’ve followed conventional skincare advice within the last decade, you’ve likely heard of how important it is to keep your cells hydrated. Between downing glasses of water and purchasing moisturizing products, you may think you have this part of the skincare game covered. But, what does drinking water really do for your skin? Unfortunately, […]

Does Drinking Milk Really Cause Acne?

Welcome back to Beauty Basics, a column dedicated to ending pervasive beauty myths (like whether or not pores open and close and if niacinamide is really all that!) once and for all. In this edition we’re taking a look at the relationship between milk, acne, and skin inflammation. Naturally, my mind went straight to my […]

What drinking booze actually does to your skin

We know full well that drinking a load of alcohol isn’t very good for us, physically, financially, and mentally. And we know that quitting the drink can thus deliver a lot of benefits. Despite this, still we sip. So perhaps we need another reason to go dry beyond January – or at least damp, rather […]

No drinking for two months after COVID-19 vaccine, Russia tells citizens

More On: Coronavirus White House proposes $600 COVID-19 checks, elimination of $300 jobless benefit Cruise cut short as passenger tests positive for COVID-19 NFL star quits, then un-quits after COVID-19 diagnosis UConn dealing with COVID uncertainty Russian officials are warning citizens to avoid alcohol for two months after receiving the country’s COVID-19 vaccine — tough-to-swallow […]

Terry Crews Ridiculed for Directly Drinking River Water in New Video

Some people accuse the ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ actor of trying to be a white man after seeing the clip, with one sarcastically saying, ‘Look at this Caucasian man.’ AceShowbiz –Terry Crews has once again become the butt of the Internet’s joke over something he posted on social media. This time around, the actor and comedian got […]

Spain bans public drinking, closes clubs as coronavirus surges

Madrid: Spain has ordered nightlife establishments to close and banned drinking on the street in an effort to stem a coronavirus resurgence — measures that caused anger and dismay in the hard-hit hospitality sector. Smoking in public places where keeping a safe distance from people is impossible was also banned, Health Minister Salvador Illa announced […]

Nine die after drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizer in Indian town

Nine die after drinking alcohol-based hand sanitizer after liquor stores were closed due to coronavirus in Indian town Group lost consciousness after consuming ‘high quantity’ of hand sanitizer mixed with water or soda  Police superintendent for Kurichedu said they were rushed to hospital but declared dead on arrival  Liquor stores were closed when authorities ordered […]