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Audience fight each other to escape screening of Holocaust film

Audience members fight each other to escape first screening of Holocaust film The Painted Bird, featuring brutal scenes of incest, bestiality, rape and mutilation – but critics hail it a masterpiece The Painted Bird is based on Jerzy Kosinski’s highly contentious 1965 novel about a Jewish boy surviving the worst human nature can inflict on […]

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Do The Families of The 'Euphoria' Cast Members Watch The Show?

Ever since Euphoria’s first episode dropped on HBO, the show has been courting controversy with its in-your-face nudity, violence, rape, teen sexuality, and drug use. Moms and dads around the world who survived watching the first episode or two can’t stomach the show’s intensity and explicit scenes. We know these roles are being played by […]


Tyler Mislawchuk aims to build on success at triathlon event in Edmonton

Canada’s Tyler Mislawchuk, fresh off a landmark World Triathlon Series podium finish in Montreal, believes he’s upped his game in this physically punishing sport by training his brain. “Everyone has different tricks that they use in the race mentally. Mine is just pure focus [and] micro goals. I’ve always done it, but maybe I’ve refined […]