Would Princess Diana Ever Have Gotten Remarried?

Princess Diana and Prince Charles have one of the most talked-about relationships of all time. The couple met in November 1977 while Charles was dating Diana’s older sister, Sarah, per Vogue. However, the couple didn’t strike up a romantic relationship until 1980. The pair reportedly didn’t spend much time together before Charles popped the question […]

Knicks have to reevaluate everything after NBA playoffs disaster

More On: new york knicks Reggie Miller trolls Spike Lee in return of Knicks villain Knicks’ young gun still talking titles after prediction falls flat Knicks veteran’s future unclear after grueling playoff The Knicks don’t deserve your anger There’s a saying coined by the legendary former Giants coach Bill Parcells: “You are what your record says […]

NBC’s Biggest Scandals Ever

Initially known as the National Broadcasting System, the entity now known as NBC was launched way back in 1926, originally as a radio network. As the Library of Congress recalled, in 1939 NBC launched its first television station in New York City and never looked back. For years, NBC held its own as one of […]

HGTV’s Biggest Scandals Ever

For millions of people, Home & Garden Television, or rather HGTV, offers the greatest lineup of programming that’s both comforting and aspirational. Viewers can just let the low-key slate wash over them (and barely realize that six hours of a Saturday have flown right by) as they fantasize about buying a home, renovating a home, […]

Has Tom Cruise ever won an Oscar?

TOM CRUISE has received many awards and nominations for his extensive career acting career. Cruise began acting in 1981 when he made his film debut in Endless Love. Since then, he has appeared in over 58 films. Has Tom Cruise ever won an Oscar? Cruise has been nominated for three Academy Awards throughout his career. […]

Josh Duggar: Can He Ever Be Cured? Will He Do This Again?

Disgusting monster Josh Duggar was released from jail pending his child porn trial. For now, his bond includes close restrictions to keep him out of contact with children, including his own. Many fans are also placing blame on his father, Jim Bob, who never got him real treatment after past offenses. But is Josh’s twisted […]