Giants star eyes Commonwealth Games after a year to forget

Kiera Austin was on top of the netball world when she went down with her first serious injury during the Giants’ first game of the 2021 season. The 24-year-old had entered the campaign on the back of a stunning Diamonds debut during the Constellation Cup Series in March to secure her place as Australia’s newest […]

Why are my eyes watering?

YOUR eyes can start watering for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes its an indication you might be unwell, or you've simply got something in there that's irritating them. It can be quite annoying when your eyes won't stop welling up, however. Here we have got some of the reasons why you might be dabbing […]

Australia eyes Athens gold haul mark with record 14 won, four to go

Four gold medals – two in the pool, one in freestyle BMX and another in sailing – has given Australia its most successful individual day in 125 years of Olympic competition and set up the prospect of equalling or eclipsing the country’s greatest ever gold haul, that from Athens in 2004. If you thought Wednesday’s […]

'Snake Eyes': Ninjas, Yakuzas and 'G.I. Joe' Origin Stories, Oh My!

In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. Over the next several days, He would create the evening and the day, the light and the dark, the waters and the firmament, the movies and the Military Industrial Complex and various corporate marketing divisions. On the fourth day, He created Hasbro, a collective maker […]

California eyes shuttered malls, stores for new housing

More On: housing City Council set to boost rental vouchers for homeless by hundreds of dollars each De Blasio moves forward with controversial Soho rezoning plan Biden’s HUD secretary violated Hatch Act with election talk: watchdog It’s move-in day at Europe’s first 3D printed house SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California state lawmakers are grappling with a […]

Cicadas with blood-red eyes emerge in DC

America braces once again for 17-year cicada invasion Fox News’ Douglas Kennedy talks to apprehensive Americans on the East Coast as the 17-year cicadas prepare to emerge. Eerie stunning photos captured Brood X cicadas with blood-red eyes emerging from their shells in Washington, D.C., on Sunday after 17 years of hibernation. CICADAS LIVING UNDERGROUND FOR PAST 17 […]