Facebook’s news ban is a win for misinformation

With the flick of a switch, or more likely a tweak of an algorithm, Facebook has followed through on its earlier threat to stop publishers and users in Australia from sharing or viewing any news articles on its platform. After months of negotiations over the Morrison government’s proposed media bargaining laws, forcing tech giants Google […]

Facebook’s Australian news ban wreaks havoc on government pages

More On: facebook Facebook blocks news-sharing in Australia Baltimore Symphony Orchestra scolds flutist for social media conspiracy theories Make Google, Facebook pay for all the reporting they take for free Florida restaurant goes viral for ‘Face diapers not required’ mask policy Facebook made the sudden decision to ban media content on its platform in Australia […]

Facebook’s COVID Coverup

More On: Coronavirus Indonesia plans to give working adults COVID-19 vaccine before elderly Cuomo and de Blasio’s deadly failure on the COVID-19 vaccine: Goodwin Bill Ackman calls COVID-19 vaccine delays ‘genocide’ against the elderly Tennessee mom leaps from overpass with baby, killing both New York magazine’s latest cover story, “The Lab-Leak Hypothesis,” concludes that COVID-19 […]

Facebook's algorithm is 'actively promoting' Holocaust denial content

Facebook’s algorithm is ‘actively promoting’ Holocaust denial content to users who’d previously looked at similar content on the internet, study claims The Institute for Strategic Dialogue has published a report on Holocaust denial They found that Facebook was ‘actively promoting’ Holocaust denial Users who followed pages denying the Holocaust were directed to more Other social […]

Facebook’s new ‘supreme court’ looks like a license to censor

The Facebook Oversight Board — a 20-member independent panel that will rule on which posts can be blocked as false or as hate speech or harassment — is a recipe for left-wing censorship. Sure, there are a few token conservatives, such as Stanford Law prof Michael McConnell. But even he is potentially compromised, since his […]