Moment Belgian F-16 fighters intercept Russian jets doing a low over

Dramatic moment Belgian F-16 fighters intercept armed Russian jets doing a low fly over a US destroyer in the Baltic Sea Belgian Air Force F-16s intercepted armed Russian Federation Air Force fighters maneuvering in international air space overflying the USS Donald Cook The US Navy 6th Fleet destroyer was operating in the Baltic Sea off […]

Taliban fighters pose wearing make-up and holding hands in rare images

Taliban fighters pose for photos wearing heavy make-up and holding hands even though photography was banned under the regime as rare images are set to go on display at the Barbican Photographer found them in Kandahar after Taliban fled US invasion in 2002 The terrorists posed secretly for the photos at a studio in the […]

IS fighters put up fierce resistance to defend last pocket in Syria

Baghouz:  Islamic State militants are desperately fighting to hang on to the last tiny piece of territory they hold on the riverside in eastern Syria, deploying snipers, guided missiles and surprise tunnel attacks. The resistance prompted a fierce pounding on Sunday by the US-led coalition and its ground allies in their final push to end the […]

Brit ISIS fighters among 3,000 jihadis hiding in underground tunnels and bunkers as they cling onto last major pocket

Up to 3,000 ISIS soldiers are thought to be hiding in hard-to-access tunnels and bunkers. Experts warned the network was still "lethal" and "capable of bloodshed on a large scale". A senior security source said: “Islamic State fight­­ers have retreated to well-strengthened underground net­­works in the desert. “Inevitably, a core of British fighters who fled […]